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Our clients think of Longsight as the first responder, assisting with the development of strategy and serving as an architect of effective solutions.

Transaction / Deal Consulting

Not all transactions are seamless. We help companies execute transactions that are difficult to complete. We also assist with the complicated aftermath of a deal. We complement and partner with the client’s legal, financial and other advisors. Having participated in transactional work for more than four decades, we assist management and boards of directors to remove obstacles to completion, resolve post-closing disputes, and address post-merger integration and difficult senior management transitions.

Global Deal Execution

A tough locale does not need to hinder your business objectives. The United States can be a challenging environment for significant investments or acquisitions. Other countries, regions and localities have complex and unique business cultures and legal regimes that make accomplishing a business objective challenging and risky. It is critically important for businesses to have the requisite local knowledge to avoid problems. While these obstacles cannot always be avoided, they can normally be properly addressed. Given the significant knowledge and experience of Longsight’s team in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America, our global network of business and professional resources, and history of successful business diplomacy and deal execution, Longsight can improve your project planning, strategy and execution.

Activist Response

Shareholder activism is on the rise and public companies need timely and thoughtful advice on devising responses. Activism comes from a variety of sources and sometimes involves environmental, social or political groups. Immediate, professional and experienced guidance is necessary. We have helped companies in the United States and abroad formulate and execute the right strategies to address the full range of activist issues.

Crisis Management

Crises occur. Most companies and businesses have little experience managing a serious governance crisis, financial scandal, cyber attack, product liability or product recall challenge or other corporate crisis. A serious crisis is not the time for on-the-job training. It is critically important to know how to manage a crisis, select the right professionals, address the regulators, understand the likely market reaction, minimize negative financial, brand and other consequences, and work through personnel challenges — often directly impacting the survival of the business itself. Boards, CEOs, business owners and senior management need deeply experienced advisors on their side of the table. Longsight provides wise, practical and measured counsel to assist with the most difficult decisions and to achieve the optimal outcome.

Dispute Resolution

Business disputes can be costly. Some business disputes progress to litigation or arbitration, and others do not. If an evolving dispute can be satisfactorily resolved before recourse is taken to legal tribunals, considerable savings in time and resources can be achieved. In many cases, the resolution of an evolving dispute is through financial settlement or by effecting a business arrangement or transaction. Longsight works with the client’s legal advisors and brings experience and expertise, as well as judgment and resources, to help devise and implement appropriate solutions.

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